Local Traffic Ordinance vote on July 10th.

On July 10th, the Kittery Town Council will be hold a public hearing to discuss an emergency ordinance on Local Traffic Only. This was proposed by Councilor Spiller.

On June 2nd Councilor Chuck Denault and Ken Lemont, who support this change, walked the area and spoke with many residents who also support this proposed change to create an emergency ordinance limiting traffic to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY and NO THROUGH WAY on WATER ST.,STIMSON ST, RICE Ave and PRINCE AVE.

In speaking with over 2 dozen people, there is a wide support to limit this traffic. However we also found that Water St. East , Commercial St. Gull Ave. Cottle Ln. and Pleasant St. have the same issues with drivers cutting thru as well as concern for enforcement of the ordinance.

One resident told us that they counted over 100 vehicles pass there house on Pleasant St. when the traffic was at a stand still. Everyone we had a chance to talk with had the same concerns and they ranged from parking issues, speeding, kids playing, inconsiderate drivers as well as high traffic with pedestrians walking in the area as well as a concern for enforcement.

After speaking with many of the residents, there seems to be merit in asking that it be extended to Water st., Commercial St. Pleasant St. Cottle Ave. Gull St. as well. Residents expressed concerns that once the NO THRU WAY signs go up on the proposed streets, the traffic will increase on the opposite side of State Rd/Rte 1 as well.


Residents expressed that any side road adjacent to the Badgers Island and Memorial Bridge can see heavy traffic as well as when the memorial bridge is up or other traffic issues that arise due to the fact the Sarah Long Bridge has not yet opened or perhaps GPS routing issues.

These roads are all affected by GPS devices guiding people using alternates routes. These roads have long been an escape pathway for motorists for reasons of just the Bridge being up alone.

(See Kittery agenda item below.)

At the July 10th Town Council Meeting:

  • To amend Title 10 of the Kittery Town Code, to add §10.2.4 Local Traffic Only No Through Way Designated, as an Emergency Ordinance to expire in 60 days.

See the full ordinance change below,

Below are two examples and perhaps there are more.

THIS IS THE PROPOSED CHANGE. Yellow indicates the area designated as local traffic.

 Proposed Change #1










Idea # 2







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We will get a copy of it to Frank Dennett.

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Proposed Ordinance on July 10th after a public hearing.