Kittery Town Council to tackle Fort Foster dog waste


KITTERY, Maine — The Town Council will hold a workshop with the Parks Commission, town manager, police chief and animal control officer to discuss dog waste and other issues related to Fort Foster.

The workshop was originally scheduled for July but was pushed back because of scheduling conflicts. The other items listed on the workshop agenda include drones, rule enforcement, park policies, hours of operation and to discuss whether or not to give free park passes to senior citizens. Rule enforcement is being discussed because, according to the agenda, “the largest number of complaints com from customers watching rules being broken.”

By Brian Early

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August 19. 2016 2:09PM

From Chuck Denault

The press was not present to report on the workshop. The Council worked with the Park Commission during this workshop. The Parks Commission was given some recommendations by various councilors..

Among the suggestions, was to look at other Towns successes, failures and resolutions, exploring, waste receptacles, different hours for dog owners, a permit fee to be used to fund changes that cost money, a designated area for dogs i.e. a dog Park, perhaps two summer officers or park monitors to issue tickets. The parks Commission was to come back to the council with some solid suggestions.

Chairperson Beers noted that a plan completed a few years ago, had suggestions to fix issues but expired and was never implemented.

The drone issue came up but over the last few years of drones flying around, there was only one complaint. FAA regulates drones and requires them to be registered and the owners be in a data base and follows FAA flight rules. Other rules are already on the books to enforce violatorions, such as blocking roadways, invasion of privacy etc. The Parks Commission previously reviewed these issues and may revisit them before the next meeting.