Kittery doing the right thing.

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KITTERY, Maine — The sewer extension project that had united a section of town in anger, peacefully cleared a key hurdle at a special Town Council meeting on Monday.

The council approved the “2015 Sewer Main Extension Project Assessment Plan,” which significantly reduced the amount property owners will pay for the new sewer line that was installed by their properties last year. The council also approved revisions to the Town Code Title 13, which allowed for extended payment options for the sewer and connection deferment into the system for those who had newer septic systems.

For the nearly 160 property owners that live on Martin Road, Stevenson Road, Manson Road and Dana Avenue, the approval of the assessment plan brings a closure that many had sought since the first sewer betterment estimates were sent in January. At the time, the average estimated fee was about $24,000 per property. Property owners began contacting councilors and speaking at council meetings, which led to a packed public workshop on the subject on May 2 at the Kittery Community Center, where property owner after property owner condemned the high fees. It was then the council directed interim Town Manager Carol Granfield to find a way to reduce the high estimated fees.

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