Kittery residents outraged over sewer fees

Kittery resident Tricia Robillard expresses frustration over her estimated sewer betterment assessment during a public workshop held by the Kittery Town Council Monday evening at the Kittery Community Center.   
Photo by Amy Donle

KITTERY, Maine — The line of people waiting a turn to voice their frustrations to the Kittery Town Council over their estimated sewer betterment assessments did not dissipate for 90 minutes.

Most blasted the Town Council in a public workshop for what they called a lack of transparency in a $7.6 million sewer extension project in the northwest section of town. They demanded the council to delay the required connection to properties when the system is complete later this month and find a way to reduce the $20,000 average estimated sewer betterment fee that 158 property owners face.

The public workshop is the first the council has held since the estimated sewer betterments were mailed to residents in January from the town’s sewer department. A growing anger from property owners over the estimated assessments has become more apparent at recent Town Council meetings along with the numerous letters sent to the council.

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By Brian Early

May 02. 2016 11:13PM