Confusion surrounds harbor master decision in Kittery

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By Jesse Scardina

October 05. 2015 4:55PM

KITTERY, Maine — The town’s Port Authority voted Thursday to not reappoint its harbor master after his year-long probationary period completed, but also told him to continue working until the process could be fully worked through.

Prior to the vote, the Kittery Port Authority’s chair and vice chair each stepped down, but remained as board members.

The vote to reappoint Derek Jacobs to harbor master failed with two “Yes” votes, three “No” votes and one abstention.

Port Authority member Kelly Philbrook, who resigned as chair Thursday night, said that an evaluation process for the harbor master was a part of Thursday’s agenda, but was told that the Port Authority had to meet with Town Manager Nancy Colbert Puff to discuss the evaluation process. The Kittery town code states that an employee can only be retained after his or her probationary period if “the Town Manager affirms by written evaluation of the employee that the services have been found to be satisfactory.”


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