Calling all Scouts, Alumni of 307 and Eagles Scouts

Boy-Scout Calling all scouts.

If you were a member of the Boy Scouts, or of Troop 307 or were an Eagle Scout, the Kittery Troop #307 is meeting on Wednesday Night at the Kittery Lions Club located on Rte. 1/State Rd. in Kittery. It is a chance for the new scouts to meet the legends of the past and share a meeting. It is an Open House and the Scouts are looking forward to meeting past scouts. It’s about the kids and scout. Please Come.

If you can come, the Troop would appreciate your presence. The meeting does not go past 8 p.m. and starts at 6:30. If you know of scouts no matter how old, please spread the word and show support for the local scouts. Any further information, feel free to call me at 207-475-2048.

Remember it is at the Kittery Lions Club at 6:30 P.M. Uniforms / Sash optional. Show your awards, your uniform or your memorabilia and support.