Kittery, home to so much more than outlets



If you live within an hour or two of the “Gateway to Maine,” as the state’s oldest town bills itself, you’re likely to have taken advantage of the clusters of more than 100 outlet stores along the Route 1 corridor just north of the New Hampshire border. While the deals are undeniably great, the sense of culture is, shall we say, off the rack.

But perhaps you’ve taken a wrong turn on your way back to the Interstate. You may well have rounded the corner into a real organic bastion of one-of-a-kind restaurants, shops, and services, tucked away in an old New England enclave by the waterfront and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. In stark contrast to the outlet malls just a mile or so down the road, Kittery’s Foreside neighborhood has developed a well-deserved reputation over the past few years as an offbeat, authentic, inviting place to cool off your credit cards.

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