Eliot takes wait-and-see approach to town’s police chief

thCA6UD2KXSince Kittery shares the Police Chief with Eliot, this story is posted.

From the Portland Press Herald.

Eliot takes wait-and-see approach to town’s police chief

The Eliot Town Manager Dana Lee says court testimony about officers lying in their official reports is one-sided.

Officials in Eliot are taking a wait-and-see approach before reacting to developing accusations against the town’s police chief that he did nothing after learning most of the town’s police officers consistently falsified their patrol reports.

Eliot Town Manager Dana Lee said Tuesday that the town’s attorney is obtaining a transcript of a court proceeding from last week at which the accusations against Chief Theodor Short came out in testimony by former officers.

Lee said they would likely review that transcript from Friday’s testimony in York County Superior Court in Alfred and then wait for the conclusion of the court proceeding, which could take weeks, before deciding what to do next.

Lee said he spoke with Short over the weekend about the accusations made by the department’s former deputy chief, Kevin Cady, and another former officer. But he said that so far the testimony which came out in court, from an unrelated criminal case, has been one-sided. Cady and the other officer were called by a criminal defense attorney, Amy Fairfield, and the prosecutor, Thomas Miscio, has yet to call his witnesses.

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