Merry Christmas from Ourkittery

Well its been over 1 year and ourkittery is going strong. Please continue to refer ourkittery to all so the readership can continue to grow.  Remember to follow it on FACEBOOK and or sign up for email notifications. In the coming year we will be working with Seacoast-online (the Portsmouth Herald) and other publications to link their articles from to their sites using hyperlinks allowing us to share more information with you while respecting their online services and allowing them to use are articles as well.

We are working on adding Google alerts to stories in Kittery and link them as well providing you with more automatic stories concerning the Town of Kittery. If you have stories or events as well as pictures, please get them to me so that I can add them to keep the site always providing information.

Please drive safely and have a safe Holiday. As always Stay Tuned and Informed.

 New_Year_wallpapers_children_santa_clausMerry Christmas