Letters of Thanks

From the Portsmouth Herald December 23. 2014 2:01AM

Kisses to Kittery Lions, Fabulous Find, Robert’s Maine Grill

Many KISSES to the Kittery Lions for providing a Christmas tree, and to John Randal for erecting the tree, and to the Kittery Community Center for providing electricity for the lights that The Hope Project is hanging to memorialize a loved one with a light, and to Nikki Hopewill who adds to the Lights of Hope as people contact her at (207) 475-7308.

Richard F. Davis


KISSES to the wonderful women from The Fabulous Find Thrift Shop in Kittery, Maine, who purchased a bureau for my 7-year-old daughter, Emelie. She fell in love with it and asked for it to be put on hold after I told her that I couldn’t purchase furniture without her father’s approval. When her dad went back the next day to check it out several women had paid for it to be her Secret Santa, as some had witnessed her love of the hand painted bureau and the painstaking care she took to make a “HOLD” sign and tape it with LOTS of tape to the item to be sure her sign didn’t come off. It was a heartwarming moment for us to learn the item had been purchased for our daughter and she is going to be over the moon on Christmas morning! Please support this wonderful shop that gives a portion of its profits to local charities.

Cheria Clow Rollins

Kittery, Maine

The Saturday before Veteran’s Day, my husband and I stopped at Robert’s Maine Grill to buy lobster lollipops. I walked in at 10:30 a.m., knowing they weren’t officially open but hoping I could buy the lollipops. The woman who greeted me hadn’t even taken her coat off, but was more than happy to wait on me. When I mentioned my daughter stationed in Afghanistan wanted to give them out, she asked if she was in the military. When I told her that my daughter was in the Air Force, she told me to take as many as I wanted and thanked me for her service. I would like to thank Robert’s for their support of our military.

Charlotte Hussey


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