Town Agenda and Council Packets for Monday 08-25-2014

stacks_of_paper_407Here is your chance to see what the Council is getting for information for Mondays meeting.

6:00 P.M.
The Town Council will meet with the Parks Commission and Town Manager to discuss the Fort Foster Management Plan.
August 25, 2014 Kittery Town Council Council Chambers Regular Meeting Agenda 7:00 p.m.
1. Call to Order
2. Introductory
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Roll Call
5. Agenda Amendment and Adoption
6. Town Manager’s Report
7. Acceptance of Previous Minutes – 8/11/14
8. Interviews for the Board of Appeals and Planning Board
9. All items involving the town attorney, town engineers, town employees or other town consultants or requested officials.
a. (080314-1) The Kittery Town Council moves to hold a public hearing on the renewal application of Delta Amusement, Inc., 182 State Road, Kittery for a Special Activity Amusement Permit for Navy Yard Bar & Billiard, 182 State Road.
b. (080314-2) The Kittery Town Council moves to hold a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the Town Charter, Section 1.05 Qualifications for municipal office.
c. (080314-3) The Kittery Town Council moves to hold a public hearing in accordance with Section 6.09 (4) of the Kittery Town Charter, to transfer appropriations between accounts and carry forward requests.
a. Discussion by members of the public (three minutes per person)
b. Response to public comment directed to a particular Councilor
c. Chairperson’s response to public comments
ORGACCOUNT BALANCE TRANSFERS ORGACCOUNT BALANCE TRANSFERS 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(7,915.00)$ TO101310POLICE7,915.00$ 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(3,750.00)$ TO101320FIRE3,750.00$ 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(8,930.00)$ TO101330STREET LIGHTS8,930.00$ 101110ADMINISTRATION(16,010.00)$ TO101721PLANNING16,010.00$ 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(53,000.00)$ TO101410HIGHWAY53,000.00$ 101230DEBT SERVICE(2,000.00)$ TO101740MISC ACCOUNTS6,350.00$ 103000OTHER INSURANCES(10,450.00)$ TO101740MISC ACCOUNTS6,100.00$ 103000OTHER INSURANCES(3,410.00)$ TO101840PORT AUTHORITY3,410.00$ 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(40,125.00)$ TO101830RECREATION40,125.00$ 101110ADMINISTRATION(540.00)$ TO101520WELFARE540.00$ 101115COUNCIL(3,475.00)$ TO101520WELFARE3,475.00$ 101130ELECTIONS(1,953.00)$ TO101520WELFARE1,953.00$ 101210ASSESSING(3,000.00)$ TO101520WELFARE3,000.00$ 101230DEBT SERVICE(610.00)$ TO101520WELFARE610.00$ 101350CIVIL EMERGENCY(62.11)$ TO101520WELFARE62.11$ 101540COMMUNITY AGENCIES(1,714.00)$ TO101520WELFARE1,714.00$ 101710CODE ENFORCEMENT(655.00)$ TO101520WELFARE655.00$ 101730IN TOWN PARKS(888.00)$ TO101520WELFARE888.00$ 101350CIVIL EMERGENCY(97.89)$ TO101520WELFARE97.89$ 101210ASSESSING(1,090.00)$ TO101520WELFARE1,090.00$ 101230DEBT SERVICE(13,000.00)$ TO101520WELFARE13,000.00$ 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(33,185.01)$ TO101520WELFARE33,185.01$ 101730IN TOWN PARKS(121,002.00)$ TO101735 FT FOSTER / SEAPOINT / CRESCENT 121,002.00$ Transfers to Special Revenue Funds101340HYDRANT RENTALS(2,100.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES2,100.00$ -$ 101350CIVIL EMERGENCY(1,190.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES1,190.00$ 101710CODE ENFORCEMENT(200.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES200.00$ 101720PLANNING BOARD & BOA(1,560.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES1,560.00$ 101730IN TOWN PARKS(26,764.71)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES26,764.74$ 101750BANK FEES(500.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES500.00$ 101930RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTER(1,755.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES1,755.00$ 103000OTHER INSURANCES(3,040.00)$ TO2015OTHER FUNDS – BANK LEASES3,040.00$ Carry Forward101130ELECTIONS1,115.00$ Carry Forward & Transfer101740MISC. ACCOUNTS2,000.00$ transfer to101721PLANNING2,000.00$
a. Donations/gifts received for Council disposition
(080314-4) The Kittery Town Council moves to accept a check in the amount of $9,250 from York Hospital, for Recreation Programs, to be deposited in account #5003-43600 York Hospital Scholarships.
b. (080314-5) The Kittery Town Council moves to release $35,513.09 from unassigned funds, as approved by the voters on the June 11, 2013 Secret Ballot, to cover the overage in that budget.
c. (080314-6) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve a renewal application from Delta Amusement, Inc., 182 State Road, Kittery for a Malt, Spirituous and Vinous Liquor License for Navy Yard Bar & Billiard, 182 State Road.
d. (080314-7) The Kittery Town Council moves to give approval for the Charity Defense Council to use Memorial Field on June 25th (8am-5pm) and the 26th (4:30pm-12pm), 2015, for the Charity Defense Council March. In addition they are requesting that any fees be waived for such use.
e. (080314-8) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve the disbursement warrants.
f. (080314-9) The Town Council moves to discuss its upcoming workshop on September 15th with the Kittery Port Authority.
g. (090314-10) The Kittery Town Council moves to schedule a public hearing on a proposed amendment to Title 2 Administration and Personnel, Chapter 2.3 Personnel System Generally
a. Communications from the Chairperson
b. Committee Reports