Report street lights out in Kittery.

800px-Street_light_against_a_streak_of_pink_sunset_cloudIf there is a street light out in Kittery or near your home, report it using the link below. The Police Department checks these lights and reports them to (CMP) Central maine Power.

If you did not know this, CMP charges us for the use of these lights even if they are not working.

Yes that is correct, they bill the Town whether or not the light is operational.

These lights represent safety for homeowners and the traveling public. According to the Town Manger, the Police Department check these lights and note when they are out.

However, they don’t need to be spending every night looking for lights out. If you see a light that is not working or perhaps is just dim, please let the Police Department know by calling 207-439-1638.  Try to get the pole number thats mounted on the silver or brass tags on the pole and be safe.

Let’s get those lights turned on. Please fill out the form below.