Does Maine have some of your MONEY?

cash3Maine residents are urged to claim cash


About 18 southern York County residents have received a call from Nancy Lambert of York, Maine, in the past few weeks, telling them there’s some unclaimed money waiting for them in the Maine State Treasurer’s office.

“A lot of people were skeptical,” Lambert said. “I’m sure they wondered if the call was a scam, because I was calling to tell them something that is too good to be true.”

So far, she’s been able to verify more than $111,000 in unclaimed money and assets due to local residents — including $24,000 to one person alone. That money is part of $119 million in unclaimed property currently being held by the Maine state treasurer, said Greg Olson, assistant director of internal operations.

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To check for unclaimed property: call (888) 283-2808, e-mail or visit property.

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