Community Dinner to showcases Kittery schools’ sustainability


The public is invited to a Farmer’s Feast Community Dinner showcasing sustainability at the Kittery schools. It is being held next Wednesday, March 5, at Shapleigh Middle School.

The Herald Reports that Four farmers will be at the event to celebrate the school department’s farm-to-school program using locally grown food for school meals. A chef from Kittery Estates will be working with Shapleigh’s student green team members, helping to prepare part of the dinner. And the team itself will provide information on its initiatives.

For instance, the team will be selling seedlings at the market again this year. They raised more than $100 last year to build raised beds this spring.

The Traip Academy permaculture group will supply greens from their greenhouse and Maury Hepner will be on hand to talk about his program.

Kittery Community Market’s Dot Avery will set up a table and offer information about her organization. A UNH intern will be on hand to introduce the farmers and talk about the Meet the Farmer Days she has been implementing in the Kittery schools.

The dinner will demonstrate to the community the healthy meals Kittery schools prepare daily. The goal is for guests to see exactly what is served and the daily routines of students during lunch.

Slideshows and videos will be played in the cafeteria on a new big screen that was bought with grant funds.

Smoothies will be made by Superintendent Hutton and Principal Anne Ellis and David Foster.

The dinner will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.