Kittery Foreside Forum *next meeting 3-3-2014*

t1965e0dCommunity Citizens working together.  This is open to all. If you are interested, contact the Town Manager. Click here.

From Kittery Town Manager Nancy Puff.

Download this: ForesideForum spread sheet.

Hello all!   At our last meeting, we asked you to organize yourselves into 4 basic groups that would address the broad topics of: Housing, Business Uses, Parking and Transportation, and Public Land/Infrastructure.   We also noted the need to integrate the topics of “arts & culture/history” into the process.

Attached is a complete list of folks who have signed up to participate in the Foreside Forum – as you will see, only about 25 of the total list has recorded their preference for a group.  (please excuse any typos, misspellings, and/or omissions – those sign up sheets can be hard to read!)  I have also set up a rudimentary web site that I hope the groups will be able to use to keep each other and the larger community abreast of the discussion – you can check it out here:  .  The documents presented at the 2nd Forum are available here.

Our next meeting, scheduled for Monday, March 3rd at 7 pm, will have each group consider, develop, and discuss the questions we expect to explore as part on this ongoing discussion.  For example:

What does affordable housing mean for Foreside?

How do we define affordable?

What population(s) are we trying to serve?

What types of affordable housing are needed?

Where are the appropriate places for these units?

What do we envision for the future of market rate housing in Foreside?

Is there a particular population that we should try to serve?  How? Where?

On March 3rd we will have a set of questions to prompt each group, and provide some base materials as resources.

In the meantime, some groups have taken the initiative to begin communicating about these issues.  If you would like to join a group, there is still time!  Please forward me your preference, and I can reflect it in the list that I will bring to the meeting.  OR, you can plan on joining a group on March 3rd.   And, it is not too late for anyone to join in the process, so please feel free to forward this email to those who may be interested but not currently part of this email group.

Thanks for participating,

Nancy Colbert Puff, Town Manager
Town of Kittery
200 Rogers Road
Kittery, ME 03904