What and Why this is here.

I’m Kittery Town Councilor Chuck Denault and just invited friends to this page. I am one of 7 Town Councilors. I created this site because I believe there are many ways to inform and share documents and other information with the public. If you agree please like the page on Facebook and perhaps suggest it to your friends also. It links to a web page called OUR KITTERY.

My plan is to post information that I am working on with other Town Councilors. My goal is to find many different ways to get the information out to you. It is not about me nor will it be, however, it is about informing Kittery Residents. It is will be posts and blogs on from the information I am required to work on. As the posts come in, they can be commented on here. If you have a view, please comment or share your views.

I have added RSS feeds, a twitter account, automatic email notification and the Facebook Page. If you would like to be notified of information concerning Kittery, sign up. This page is maintained by me and if for information only and a simple way to reach your elected Councilors or the Town manager. Wish it luck but it needs your help. More to come.

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