When signs don’t work. DOGS, POOP, PARKING and More

Do you recall the 1970 Rock Song by The 5 Man Electrical Band called signs.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

Recently I have been listening to the concerns from citizens that I represent as they talk about how they are either for the leash law or they are not, many suggest there is too much talking about dog poop or those who say why not do something about it. They bring up issues such as the availability of parking for Kittery residents at Seapoint Beach, and much more.

Some people spoke about ambiguous signs or people not reading the signs.

I reflected on these different view points and researched several stories in the news. Let me start here. I own a Bulldog and he is walked everywhere. We pick up after him and he is always on a leash. He would like to run at large, but he is stubborn as heck and owner voice control would not work.

Let’s start with Fort Foster.

How about the LEASH LAW ordinance or Fort Foster Rules in Kittery. What do you think. Some say “If the signs are not right, we need to change them. If the signs are right, they need to be enforced.”

Click here to view the Fort Foster Rules. http://www.kitteryme.gov/sites/kitteryme/files/uploads/current_fort_foster_rules_regulations_-_amended_1-24-19.pdf

2.Littering is prohibited as provided by Chapter 8, Section 8.04.07 of the KitteryTown Code and users of the park must take their trash with them when they leave the park. (5/29/91), (9/3/97)

Click here for the Maine Law on Littering.

Neither the Fort Foster Rules, Kittery or the State of Maine has a provision that says it is not a violation if you litter as long as you come back for it. This is what they do, clean up after their dog and leave the bag. Oh, they were meaning to pick it up on the way out. Meanwhile, it’s fermenting and is litter.

Think about that for a minute. A person throws his garbage out on the side of the road but is it okay since they were planning on coming back and picking it up. LITTERING IS LITTERING.

9.Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Owners will be asked to leave the park if their dog is not under control. (9/3/97)

I guess I need help with this one. I cannot find where it says when the park is closed it is acceptable to run your dog without a leash. Apparently is says it somewhere since it does not matter whether it is opened or closed this behavior occurs quite regularly. I’m talking about official rules, not free forum websites or interpreted postings. The official rules voted on and enacted are above.

This brings me to the signs. Perhaps the signs should be changed if it is wrong. If you find it where it is officially allowed, feel free to email me where I can find it and I will update this article. chdenault2@gmail.com

I would like to hear from Kittery citizens and your opinion regarding how you feel about dogs being on a leash or not. Feel free to comment, This is how we affect change.

Check this out. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g40700-d4313292-r616676808-Fort_Foster-Kittery_Point_Maine.html

A Kittery Citizen said to me “give me one good reason why the dog should not be leash and I’ll give you 10 good reasons why it should be on a leash and another said, they can’t chase a ball on a leash.

Here are the signs at Fort Foster.


Here are pictures of the signs posted in Eliot Maine.

As I read more about leash laws vs. Free Roam under Owner Control, I found many articles and many differing opinions.  Unfortunately I found many sad articles.

Recently an 11 year old boy was killed by being mauled by some dogs. Countless articles can be found on the web about being mauled by a dog, dogs mauled by dogs, people bitten and even the story of one of our own firefighters who was bit in the face rescuing a dog at Fort Foster.


It can happen and it may be your family member or your dog that is attacked by another dog. It does happen but it is not all dogs and a large percentage are perfectly behaved and are the perfect pet. Even a small dog can bite and cause injury.

NOTE: This little girl is from the news on the web and was attacked by another dog. It was not local.

Many say the best thing to do is keep them leashed and others believe free reign under the  control of the dogs owner is acceptable. It is a tough call. Ultimately it should rely on common sense, the dogs owner and consideration of others. The dog on the leash may fear the approaching dog or feel it needs to protect its owner and once their engaged, its hard for any one to call it off.

However, tragically these situations occur close to home. Recently a Kittery Resident’s dog was shot dead in RYE N.H. when it allegedly went after and attacked a Pomeranian allegedly after after the Pomeranian bit the bigger dog. I am sure there are different sides to this particular story but it happens to good people and good dogs all over. Some people may over react and defend their dogs to the extreme.



It only takes a split second for a dog demeanor to change, defend itself or its owner, based on fear or domination, thinking it’s about to be attacked and or become aggressive for multiple reasons. I heard people say their dog is friendly, then they followed up and say, “he has never done that before.”

Yet, we can go years without an incident and dogs love just being around other dogs and the feeling of being unleashed, chasing a ball and saying hello to another dog is a great feeling for both the owner and the dog.

Moving onto DOG POOP BAGS which is LITTER!

Perhaps we have become immune to signs.

The people who left these POOP BAGS have.

Pictures taken at Fort Foster during park hours on May 19th and 20th.


Now onto Seapoint Beach.

Let’s look at the top of this sign posted at SEAPOINT BEACH. What does it say?

MAY 15 to SEPT 30
11PM to 3AM

How do you interpret it. It can be read many different ways. How about this…

or can it be that between
or perhaps it is just

How do we explain what the dump sticker means regarding parking.?

PERHAPS ADDING A FEW PERIODS or DROPPING a FEW WORDS WOULD CLEAN THIS UP AND MAKE IT LESS CONFUSING. Perhaps Parking for Kittery Residents only. Kittery Dump stickers shall be affixed to your vehicles windshield.

Anything we could do might help end some of the confusion for all the out of State vehicle operators who continually park in the designated areas for KITTERY RESIDENTS.

Maybe let’s simplify the sign “KITTERY RESIDENT PARKING ONLY.”

It’s a pretty good indicator that if the vehicle has out of States plates affixed to it, it’s not a Kittery Resident. We all know that is a violation of Maine Law that if you live in Kittery for more then 30 days and you don’t register your vehicle in Maine. I’ll save this fiasco for another day.

Surely if it’s parked in the KITTERY RESIDENT PARKING spot, it’s a violation of the parking ordinance.

Here are some more of my favorite signs at Fort Foster.

“That will stop the trespassers.”

Credit to the Town Manager Amaral and Highway and who fixed this last week.

Feel free to leave a comment, I can go either way, but what ever happens, it needs to be spelled out, clear and understood and if needed, properly enforced.

In closing, Perhaps this sign would work.

Thanks for reading.

Landowners won again. Legislators loose again. What really going on.

Maine’s top court rules you can’t pick seaweed without a property owner’s permission

Another victory for the land owners. Important Supreme Court decision favors Riparian landowners!
Perhaps our legislators should pay attention to these decisions. Rykerson (LD723), Blume (LD1285) and Meyers (LD723) keep pushing bills to take these rights away.

Stay tuned.


Where is the Charles R. Hansom Fountain Gone ?

What Fountain?  It was once Located at the corner of Rogers Rd, Love lane and Whipple road was a park. It has long since vanished Someone has a story to tell. Do you know what happened? Reach out and tell us and I will continue with this story.

Well it recently restarted after Local Resident Donald Hands and Councilor Ken Lemont brought this up in a recent coffee conversation. It was a fountain that was located int he Rogers Rd park next to the Getty Station and it was placed there in 1913.  Don sent me some photocopied copies, so I took it a bit further. (as usual).

After getting the original and colorizing it, I took pictures of the area and although the house lines up, I think it was either moved or they reconfigured the park. What do you think.

As you can see in the pictures, the angle of the curb differs. Perhaps our Senior Residents can chime in. I would like this story to keep going and I will do a followup.

CHARLES R. HANSCOM donated this Bronze Fountain in 1913. (See the attached aArticle, although it is tough to read)


Picture 2

Picture 3

This is my guess


To read the articles publish in 1913, click here below.

fountain clipped 1

Fountain Doc 2

Charles Hanscom Park, Best Automotive formerly Frank and Danny’s Getty at the Corner of Whipple and Rogers Rd.

from an article published in the Portsmouth Herald in 1913.

Town Council and Affordable Housing work shop 01/14/2019

Town Council Packets


Meeting tonight

Workshop Affordable Housing w/ Planning Board
5:00 p.m.
Kittery Town Council
Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Introductory
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Roll Call
5. Agenda Amendment and Adoption
6. Town Manager’s Report
7. Acceptance of Previous Minutes
November 14, 2018 Regular Minutes
November 26, 2018 Regular Minutes
8. Interviews for the Boa
rd of Appeals and Planning
9. All items involving the town attorney, town engineers, town employees or other town consultants or
requested officials
(010119- 1) The Kittery Town Council moves to hear a report from a member of the Kittery
Conservation Commission on the town of Kittery’s Adopt a Road Program.
a. (010119-2) The Kittery Town Council moves to hold a public hearing
and ordain amendments to Title 8 – Blasting.
b. (010119- 3) The Kittery Town Council moves to hold a public hearing t
o consider an application from the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge #444 for a Special Activity Amusement permit for The Loyal Order of Moose
Lodge #444, 76 US Route 1 Bypass, Kittery.
c. (010119-4) The Kittery Town Council moves to hold a public hearing to consider an application
for aVictualers License from Chick -fil- A,286 Turnpike Rd. Westboro, MA 01581 for Chick
-fil- A (mobile food truck)
a. Discussion by members of the public (three minutes per person)
b. Response to public comment directed to a particular Councilor
c. Chairperson’s response to public comments
a. Donations/gifts received for Council disposition.
(010119- 5) The Kittery Town Council moves
to accept a donation in the amount of
$300.00 from Staritch Foundation, Inc. to be deposited into the Kittery Community
Center Fundraising Account # 2063.
b. (010119-6) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve the disbursement warrants
c. (010119-7) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve an application from Weather
vaneSeafoods Inc, for a malt, vinous and spirituous liquor license for Weathervane Seafoods,
306 US Route 1, Kittery.
d. (010119-8) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve an application from The Ares LLC,
for a malt and vinous liquor license for AJ’s Wood Grill Pizza, 68 Wallingford Square,
e. (010119-9) The Kittery Town Council moves to release funds in the amount of $1,000 from
unassigned surplus and deposit said amount into account #101740-
28427- Expense Self Insurance Claims Coverage, to cover the cost of the deductible for an insurance claim.
f. (010119- 10) The Kittery Town Council moves to schedule a public hearing on proposed
amendments to Title 2-Fire Department.
g. (010119- 11) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve the2019
Town Council and Town Manager Goals, and FY 20 Budget Goals.
h. (010119- 12) The Kittery Town Council moves to appoint a representative to meet with the
Chair of the Shellfish Conservation to interview Jean Treacy for reappointment to that
board until 12/31/21.
(010119 -13) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve amendments to
appendix A – Fort Foster Fees.
(010119- 14) The Kittery Town Council moves to appoint Nicole Maurice as Registrar of
Voters until 12/31/20.
k. (010119-15) The Kittery Town Council moves to
approve an application from the Kittery
Outlets for their 2019 Sales Events
Memorial Day Sale –
May 24
July 4
Sale Weekend
– July 4
Back to School Event
– August 9
Labor Day Sale Event
– August 30 –
September 2
Columbus Day Sale-
October 11
16) The Kittery Town Council moves to authorize the release of funds in the
amount of $6,380.00 from
Wetlands Preservation Fee fund
2 of the Fort Foster
Invasive Species Management Plan.
m. (010119-17) The Kittery Town Council moves to appoint a representative to meet with the
chair of the Conservation Commission to interview Cassandra O’Brian to move from an
associate member to a full member of that board with her term
expiring on 12/31/22.
n. (010119-18) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve an application from
BNKittery LLC for a malt, vinous and spirituous liquor license for the Farm Bar and Grille, 57 State Road, Kittery.
o. (010119- 19) The Kittery Town Council moves to approve and application from T
asty Thai Inc. for a malt, vinous and spirituous liquor license for Tasty Thai, 182 State Road, Kittery.
a. Communications from the Chairperson
b. Committee Reports
Posted: January 10, 2019

Spiller, Thomson and Clark Elected to Town Council

Judy Spiller, Jeff Thomson and Cyrus Clark

KITTERY, Maine — Voters on Tuesday sent three to sit on the Town Council while simultaneously saying a non-binding “yes” to retail marijuana operations in commercial zones.

According to preliminary results, voters elected Judy Spiller (2,960), Jeffrey Thomson (2,340) and Cyrus Clark (2,026) to the council. Candidates Frank Dennett and Brett Costa received 2,000 and 1,452 votes, respectively.


Link about Kittery Council Race


Dean Rykerson, Mark Lawrence and Michele Meyer

Link About Dean Rykerson


Link about Michele Meyer


Link about mark Lawrence


Public Hearing at Traip right now

Spinney Creek shellfish issue. More coming.

Lots of Eliot and Kittery residents in attendance. Candidates for Kittery Town Council are here. Brett Costa and Cyrus Clark and Jeff Thomson is trying to get here soon.

It just started and Ken Lemont and I are here as well as State Rep. Dean Rykerson.  Hopefully we can learn more about this issue.

Ourkittery.com has more to the story in previous articles.

Representing the Kittery Conservation Commission Karen Saltus questioned the State.

PUBLIC HEARING SPINNEY CREEK September 27, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.

NOTICE OF RESCHEDULED HEARING: Spinney Creek Shellfish, Inc.
The Department of Marine Resources will hold a public hearing on the application of Spinney Creek Shellfish, Inc. for a 3.67-acre, 3-year, experimental aquaculture lease for a site located in Spinney Creek, Kittery, Maine, for suspended culture of American/Eastern oysters and Northern quahogs.  At the hearing, the Department will take evidence relating to the criteria and standards for granting an experimental lease as listed in 12 M.R.S. §6072-A and DMR Rule Chapter 2.64(7)(A). 
The rescheduled hearing will be held as follows:
September 27, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.
R.W. Traip Academy
12 Williams Avenue
Kittery, ME   03904
INFORMATION ON DMR WEBSITE:  See the Department of Marine Resources’ website,
http://www.maine.gov/dmr/aquaculture/leases/pending/index.html, for the lease application and DMR site report, Riparian and Others Notice of Hearing, and Public Notice Ad re:  hearing.   
SPEAKING AT THE HEARING:  Any interested person may attend the hearing and ask questions of the parties or testify under oath about the effect of the proposed lease.  
Address questions to:
Maine Department of Marine Resources
Attn:  Aquaculture Hearing Officer
21 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0021
(207) 624-6567
Send emails to
For disability accommodations, contact Amanda Beckwith at
(207) 287-7578, TTY (207) 624-6391, Amanda.Beckwith@maine.gov
Authority:  5 MRS §9501 et seq. & 12 M.R.S §6072
articles for information below links
 Cindy L. Burke
Paralegal Assistant
Department of Marine Resources
21 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333
(207) 624-6567
other writings and pictures.